Month: July 2019

Guide to playing Sportsbook SBOBET

Guide to playing Sportsbook SBOBET

We as the SBOBET agent, will provide detailed guidance on how to play the Sportsbook SBOBET, as well as images that appear on SBOBET. In the SBOBET menu you will find an overview of 3 parts. If you can directly go to agen SBOBET Indonesia and register it will be more easy to understand. We will unite one by one guide to play the Sportsbook SBOBET in the picture below:

Guide to playing Sportsbook SBOBET

Main course

  • My bet: first look at the bets we have placed
  • Report: used to see bets completed
  • Balance: used to display balances, change user login information, passwords, change time, and more
  • Account: The purpose of the account also functions as a balance
  • Announcement: used to display problematic betting reports such as pending matches, matches terminated.

Left menu

The columns in the left menu show the types of sports bets offered such as soccer, basketball, tennis, badminton, etc. We can click on the bet we want to play, and after we click later, there will be a description of the bets provided such as playing Handicap, playing 1 x 2, guessing scores, doubling bets, etc.

Main window
The main window provides a menu of game types, match names, match times and match taxes, explanations in the main window column.

The column marked in red is the type of game that is on SBOBET

Guide to playing Sportsbook SBOBET-2

  • Home: option to return to the main display area
  • Sports: Menu for playing sports betting
  • Direct sports: a menu for playing ongoing sports bets
  • Virtual Sports: a menu for playing virtual sports (non-life sports)
  • Live Casino: play for Live Casinos
  • Classic game: a type of classic game
  • Racing: a type of racing bet, such as car racing and horse racing
  • Games: types of games like minigames, dindong, and slot machines.

Menu Type betting Sportsbook SBOBET

Guide to playing Sportsbook SBOBET-2

  • Full time HDP (full handicap round): 45 x 2 complete rounds
  • Full time OU (Full time o / u): consists of choosing the type of bet; the total number of goals between the two teams is 45 x 2 full time
  • First half HDP (first half handicap): only first half bets
  • First round OU (first round o / u): consists in choosing the type of bet for the total number of goals between the two teams in the first round
  • Full time 1 × 2: Selection of winners or complete series (1 chooses the winning team, x chooses the series, 2 chooses the winning team)
  • First half 1 × 2: choose a winner or series only for the first round
  • OE Full Time (even odd rounds): select even or odd 2×45 minute turns
  • OE first round: select odd or even in the first round.

That’s it guide to play Sportsbook SBOBET from agent Sbobetpress. And if you are interested in registering for account, you can directly register on our website, and if anyone is unclear or not understand, please contact our Customer Service directly in the Live Chat menu, thank you.